Marvel Unleashed is hereby disbanded

I did my best,

but I suppose we can’t all succeed. It’s quite alright.

The remaining lot of you are sure to do better as indies anyway.

Bye guys <3

I have some business of the personal nature,

and if any of my members are interested in taking over the group, please message.

I haven’t been around much, clearly, and there’s been quite a few things going on and I haven’t had the time to properly give you the environment you guys deserve. 

So please, if you’re interested, inquire within.

The Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Wanda hated when she did that. One small gesture, one absent flick of the wrist, and boom! Her magic destroyed another helpless object or knocked over some poor unsuspecting soul. This time, to her utter embarrassment and dismay, she happened to do both. The vase had sailed through the air and knocked her brother on the side of his head before either of them knew what had happened. It would have almost been comical had Wanda been a less serious person.

"Oh, Pietro, I’m so sorry!" She exclaimed, running to help him up. "I’ll buy you a new vase, I swear!" She really needed to be more careful; this was probably the thousandth time she’d injured him because she wasn’t paying attention to the way her limbs moved. Hex magic was a dangerous thing, and Wanda wished with all her heart she knew how to control it better.


Wanda Maximoff is the Mutant daughter of Magneto and Magda and twin sister to Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver). She is the wife of Vision. Her relationship with her children is ridiculously complex and complicated, but technically they are Tommy and Billy (Wiccan and Speed). Her magical powers are considered probability manipulation, reality alteration, hexes, or chaos magic— it all depends on which writer you’re asking ;) Her powers are crazy, even able to resurrect the dead (Wonder Man) and depower 90% of the mutant population. All in all, this bitch shouldn’t be messed with.


Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

     It was a cool spring day in the city of New Orleans. Remy sat out on the patio of Cafe du monde, enjoying the old sights of his childhood while sipping on some iced coffee that may or may not have been purchased using money that may or may not have been his own. He did a quick pocket check. Three packs of cards in each inside coat pocket? Check. Telescopic bo staff in outside right coat pocket? Check. Stylish mirrored sunglasses to hide his red eyes? Check.
     This was good. Remy could never be too careful when visiting his home town with every member of both the Thieve’s and Assassain’s guild after him. But even if they did, it would be nothing he couldn’t handle. He is Gambit after all. Remy sighed as he finished the last of his coffee. Being back home felt good, but it was lacking that sense of belonging he once had. It had been weeks since he had told Logan he was taking a vacation after the Galactus scenario. But it was time to go back to the mansion. He was missing Rouge anyway. Not to mention all the fun Logan tends to get him into. La maison est où le coeur est.  


Send us a message from your Gambit account


Morning group members! I’m really becoming pleased with the turn out of people who are interested in our group, and it’s exciting to see our character roster filling out with enthusiastic roleplayers.

It would probably now be the perfect time to say that we will start writing plot posts for people to interact too sometime in the near future. Until we get the main two villains, they will be vague; perhaps non-player forces or something abstract.

We’re also searching for the two main villains post haste so that we can get some drama-filled plot threads going. There are other characters that are useful aside from the main villains are cosmic beings (heralds of Galactus), abstract beings (infinity, eternity), and alien beings who would seek conquest (Thanos, Super Skrull).

Thor Odinson

Thor wondered, while sitting down at the restaurant why of all the things he had faced in this realm, seeing Jane had to have been the most difficult. He worried about all of his movements, his facial expressions, even if his hair was presentable. It was when he downed his glass of water as if he were drinking at the mead hall, she arrived. 

"Hello, Jane Foster" he greeted her as she sat down. He wiped his mouth and smiled. The wonderful midgardian woman returned the gesture and Thor wondered if she could see through him and tell he was nervous. He tried to remember that he was future king, but nothing could rid him of his fear. 


Thor is the God of Thunder, and Prince of Asgard. He was exiled   by his father Odin to Earth to ultimately learn to calm down his arrogance. He posses the hammer mjolnir which gives him the power to control lightening. His most frequent villain is his adoptive brother Loki, the God of Mischief.